Man Blanket 2 and Little Boy Blue Blanket Ta dahs – AKA V-Stitch love

Honestly, I’m re-blogging this to see how it works, lol! But if you are interested in crochet and crafts, you might enjoy this post anyway…

Inspiring Crochet

I have to confess, in the past, the standard V-stitch had left me a bit uninspired, however, a little while ago, I spotted that the lovely Anita from My Craft Life had made a V-stitch blanket that looked truly beautiful, and not like the others I had seen. When I realised Anita had also made a handy, detailed photo tutorial on her version of the V-Stitch blanket and even how to do the border, I couldn’t wait to get started.


The Little Boy Blue Blanket was just a quick little make. I had noticed some of Mini Mr T’s baby blankets were getting a bit small and I had a large number of blue scraps left over the Sea Blanket, that were just ripe for using up on a small project and actually this V-stitch blanket is awesome for using up scraps. I used Stylecraft special DK with a…

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